On this page, you will find our tentative schedule for the events of “Sewanee Remembers”. We will update this schedule with more events and changes as they become available.

Monday, March 30

7:30PM – Spoken Word performance at Proctor Hill Theater; Students from History and Theater will be performing chosen paragraphs from Holocaust narratives to present a dramatic narrative of this horrific tragedy. Many thanks to Dan Backlund and Peter Smith of the Theater Department for engaging me in such an amazing project!

Tuesday, March 31

4:00PM – Panel Discussion on Antisemitism (Dagmar Herzog, CUNY; David Meola, Sewanee); Location – Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee (Note the change in time) – James Union Building, Room 100 – MTSUCampusMap (click for PDF file)

Wednesday, April 1

10AM – Prof. Dagmar Herzog (CUNY – Graduate Center) speaks with HIST 118 (Prof. Meola’s Holocaust class)

4:30PM – Prof. Herzog’s Keynote address, Gailor Auditorium (“Post-Holocaust Antisemitism and the Psychiatry of Trauma”)

6:30PM – Welcome dinner for Tom Lenda and Prof. Dagmar Herzog

Thursday, April 2

9:30AM – Undergraduate Student Holocaust Research Panel, Guerry Auditorium

5PM – Reception in Foyer of Guerry Auditorium – display of materials from Terezin Concentration Camp

6PM – Lecture by Tom Lenda (Tommy Lustig), Survivor of Terezin (Theresienstadt) Ghetto-Concentration Camp

6:30PM – Stage Performance – “Carrying the Remains: One Boy’s Promise to the Children of Terezin”; Guerry Auditorium

Friday, April 3

11AM – Lunch with Tom Lenda, Holocaust Survivor from Terezin Concentration Camp, McClurg Dining Hall, Room 206 (A-C)

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